8. Where Do You Want These Blinds2014-09-29
A drill sergeant ordered two young female recruits to paint a room in the barracks, stressing that they not get any paint on their uniforms. Doubtful they could avoid ruining their clothes, the women locked the door, stripped naked and painted in nude. After about an hour they heard a knock at the door . Who is it? asked one of the women.
7. I'm Going to Let My Chauffeur Answer it2014-09-29
A famous scientist was on his way to yet another lecture when his chauffeur offered an idea. Hey, boss, Ive heard your speech many times, I bet I could deliver it and give you the night off.
6. We're on That Mountain Over There2014-09-28
My son and I became lost while hiking high in the southern Rockies. I immediately went to work with my map and compass to determine where we had gone off course. My son, an electronics engineer, produced from his pack a hand-held Global Positioning System receiver.
5. An Adult Decision2014-09-28
The year before my son turned 18, he constantly pleaded to be allowed to a tattoo, but I refused to sign permission for one. He argued that soon he would be a man and he should be able to make adult decisions. Sure enough, a few days after his 18th birthday, he come home with a tattoo.
4. What Grade2014-09-27
Kristin,, my 17-year-old niece, had just gotten her drivers license and offered to take her moms car to the gas station. She pulled up to the full-service pumps, and the attendant asked, What grade, miss?
3. The Attraction of the Map2014-09-27
Mr. Smith taught English at a school .At the beginning of his lesson, he liked to have one of his students give a report on any subject. When it was Jacks turn, he told his audience about his elder brother who was a local worker.
2. I'll Keep it on My Floor2014-09-26
My 16-year-old son, Jeff, is a boy any parent would be proud of --until you see the floor of his room, covered with layers of clothes, magazines and sports equipment.
1. Two Tickets Please2014-09-26
A young man was in love with a girl. At one weekend, he invited his girlfriend to the cinema. When they were at the ticket box, the young man said to the ticket seller, Two tickets, please.