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Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第32期:北冰洋(02)2018-09-12
Bowheads, belugas and narwhals head for open water on the southern edge of the Arctic Ocean.弓头鲸、白鲸以及角鲸纷纷向北冰洋南端的开阔水面游去.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第31期:北冰洋(01)2018-09-12
Sea water starts to freeze at around minus two degree Celsius.当水温降至摄氏零下二度时,海水就开始冻结.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第30期:北冰洋(02)2018-09-11
白鲸们同往年一样回到位于西北航道上的繁殖地,选择不受强烈洋流影响的海湾.The whales return to the same calving grounds in the Northwest Passage year after year, choosing bays that are sheltered from many strong currents.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第29期:北冰洋(01)2018-09-11
海象是世界上最大的海豹类动物,雄性的体重可以达到两吨.Walruses are the largest seals in the world and males can weight up to two thousand kilos.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第28期:北冰洋(02)2018-09-10
These are used like sieves whilst feeding.鲸须板在进食时起到筛子般的作用.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第27期:北冰洋(01)2018-09-10
Right across the Arctic Ocean, the fish play a major part in the food chain and bring rich pickings for all the marine mammals.在整个北冰洋这种鱼在食物链中占据着重要位置,为所有的海洋哺乳动物提供了丰富的食物.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第26期:北冰洋2018-09-09
Greenland produces tens of thousands of icebergs each year. Some stretching up to a kilometer across.每年格陵兰岛都会产生成千上万的冰山.有些冰山绵延长达一公里.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第25期:北冰洋2018-09-09
They need the ice to hunt their seaborne prey and they must build enough fat preserve to see them through the ice free summer months.它们需要冰层才能捕食生活在海里的猎物,而且它们必须积累足够的体内脂肪来熬过冰层融化的夏季时光.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第24期:北冰洋2018-09-08
Harp seal pups are born covered in white woolly fur. This helps insulate them until they built up enough blubber to keep warm and its a perfect camouflage against the snow.鞍纹海豹刚出生时裹着毛茸茸的白色皮毛.这在它们形成脂肪层前有助于保暖而且在雪地上也是种极好的伪装.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第23期:北冰洋2018-09-08
The bear knows that whales must come up for air every twenty minutes.它知道白鲸每隔二十分钟必定会探出水面进行呼吸.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第22期:北冰洋(02)2018-09-07
They have no subcutaneous fat and will not survive exposure to the Arctic conditions above ground.它们没有皮下脂肪,因此如果暴露在北极地面环境下将无法存活.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第21期:北冰洋(01)2018-09-07
Survival here is a constant battle against the planets most ferocious elements.求生于此是一场面对全球最恶劣气候的持久战.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第20期:苔原2018-09-06
For the birds, the lush wetlands that attracted them here are freezing over and they must leave or face starvation.对鸟类来说,吸引它们丰美湿地正开始结冰,它们必须离开了,否则就会挨饿.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第19期:苔原2018-09-06
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第18期:苔原(02)2018-09-05
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第17期:苔原(01)2018-09-05
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第16期:苔原2018-09-04
For the mother, its too late and the herd must keep moving.对妈妈们来说,现在为时己晚,驯鹿群必须继续前行.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第15期:苔原2018-09-04
Their plumage changes little with the seasons and their nests are easy to spot against the exposed tundra soil.它们的羽毛几乎不随季节而变化,而它们的巢穴在苔原上裸露的泥土映衬下极易被识别.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第14期:苔原2018-09-03
Across the tundra, things are changing dramatically, even for the wolves who now have pups of their own.整个苔原上的一切都在发生引人注目的变化,甚至连狼群现在也繁殖了自己的后代.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第13期:苔原2018-09-03
The porcupine herd have only just started this journey towards the summer grazing lands that lie two-and-a-half thousand kilometers north.格兰特驯鹿的这趟夏季牧场之旅才刚刚起步,而它们的目的地远在北面两千五百公里的地方.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第12期:苔原(02)2018-09-02
But in some parts of the tundra, gray wolves must travel great distances to survive.但在苔原上的某些地方,灰狼必须远距离活动才能够生存.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第11期:苔原(01)2018-09-02
The Saami have adopted some modern technologies, but reindeer remain in the heart of every aspect of life.尽管萨米人如今也采用了一些现代科技,但驯鹿仍然在他们各方面生活中处于核心地位.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第10期:苔原2018-09-01
The piercing subzero temperatures and powerful winds of the tundra challenge even the planets hardiest creatures.零度以下刺骨寒冷的气温以及苔原上强有力的寒风,即使对全球最顽强的生物来说也是一种挑战.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第09期:冰岛2018-09-01
Right now, the pup is better suited to dry land until he molts when he is around a month old.现在,幼崽最好呆在干爽的地上直到它满月时褪毛为止.
Discovery纪录片《野性北极Wildest Arctic》 第08期:冰岛2018-08-31
But its now summer and the falcons are busy raising their young. During the summer, Icelandic gyrfalcons hatch up to five young.但现在是夏天,矛隼正忙于养肓后代,整个夏季里冰岛矛隼会产下五只幼鸟.