上周我们分享了一篇摘自于《高效能人士的七个习惯》中的关于独立意志和自我管理的篇章。文章中提到了,独立意志让人类完成了一项项令人吃惊的事业,今天我们来分享一件奇闻异事。这个故事中的主人公,也是凭借着惊人独立意志,完成了一项在我们看来几乎不能完成的事情。 这个故事告诉我们,当人及其专注的时候,会轻松的进入忘我的境界。一旦进入这个境界,真的就会发生奇迹。

New Words:

course n.道路;路线;

pitch vt.投掷;

spectator n. 观众;旁观者

throbbing n. 跳动,抽痛

caliber n. [军] 口径;

slug n.金属小块

On November 4, 1978, a then-26-year-old Dennis Rainer was attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon by competing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Much of the old course wound its way through rural areas near Grand Valley State's campus, and as Rainer approached the ten-mile mark, he was unexpectedly knocked to the ground.

1978年11月4日,当时26岁的Dennis Rainer在密歇根大急流城参加波士顿马拉松比赛。那时许多赛道都拐进大峡谷州立大学附近的农村,当Rainer跑了将近十英里时,他意外地被撞倒在地。

"I literally got knocked off my feet," said Rainer. "It pitched me forward. Almost hit the ground."


At first, Rainer thought it was a rock or brick thrown by spectators – maybe kids. He did a quick self-check, realized he was alright, and kept running.


"Wasn't a lot of pain," he said, "just a throbbing, kind of, in my head and a ringing in my ears."


"Didn't even occur to me to stop. I just looked around and kept going."


Rainer finished the remaining 16 miles and met his wife. Together, the two went to the medical tent to get checked out. Rainer even grabbed a hot dog on the way. It didn't take doctors long to see the problem.


"Finally he said, you know I don't know, but I think you've been shot," Rainer recalled the doctor telling him. "I suddenly got real nervous, real sick and thought ‘that explains a lot if that's what really happened.'"


And it was. At Butterworth Hospital later, doctors found a .22 caliber slug lodged in the upper part of Rainer's skull.


Amazingly, he was fine. The bullet was removed, and Rainer was released from the hospital. But his woes weren't over – he had still failed to hit the qualifying time for Boston … until his story went public.


"Within an hour, the phone started ringing and didn't stop ringing for like three days," he said. "I suddenly became Bullet Man, and it was a lot of fun."


One of the calls was from the race directors in Boston. They offered him a spot in the 1979 race, despite his time in the Grand Rapids race.


Even to this day, Rainer still runs marathons (he's done Boston twice), Iron Man races and long-distance endurance runs.


"I don't know if I could have ever achieved those without the motivation from the bullet man incident." He said. "I think this is gonna be on my tombstone, don't you?"


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