Hillary Clinton has been crowned as the Democratic presidential nominee, making history as the first woman to be picked by a major political party to run for the White House, and firing the gun on a fierce battle with Donald Trump, the Republican nominee.
奥运在即 祈祷场馆如期完工吧2016-11-23
With the opening ceremony set to take place in just a few days' time, work at one of Rio de Janeiro's key venues is still incomplete, Daily Mail Online can reveal.
When Li Yuchun emerged as the winner of Hunan TV’s Supergirl (《超级女声》) singing contest back in 2005, few people–not even many of her fans – imagined Li would rise to A-list stardom. After all, the then 21-year-old student from Sichuan was just one of a long line of TV talent show winners. Most of them end up being just transient figures, fading in and out of the pop culture spotlight.
奥运在即 里约水域发现“超级细菌”2016-11-23
A group of Brazilian scientists has detected a drug-resistant bacteria growing off some of Rio de Janeiro's most stunning beaches, in research being published a month before the city hosts the 2016 Olympic Games.
A finance director threw an analyst out of a company results presentation in Hong Kong because he disagreed with the analyst’s negative views, in a rare example of a company lashing out personally and publicly against its critics.
Many families will have been delighted to win a goldfish as a prize at a funfair, happily putting it in a bowl and feeding it every day after school.
A new paparazzi-proof’ scarf could be a game-changer for celebrities who prefer to shy away from the limelight.
Tesla Motors has just stunned the carmaking world by taking 325,000 orders for its new Model 3 affordable electric vehicle within days of unveiling the prototype at its Los Angeles design studio. That is certainly an impressive performance especially from a carmaker that has sold only 100,000 cars in its entire 13-year history.
Almost nine years after the west’s financial crisis started, interest rates remain ultra-low. Indeed, a quarter of the world economy now suffers negative interest rates. This condition is as worrying as the policies themselves are unpopular.
SEOUL, South Korea Lee Eun-ju was not expected to be one of? South Korea’s big names at the Rio Olympics. She joined the country’s gymnastics team as a last-minute replacement after another athlete was injured. Indeed, she failed to advance to the finals.
In the aftermath of the Iranian revolution in 1979, the UK foreign secretary commissioned a secret internal inquiry into why British diplomats had failed to predict it. One problem, the report found, was that the embassy in Tehran had little contact with people beyond the elites around the shah.
这十项 巴西全球无敌手2016-11-21
One of the world's most spirited lands, Brazil has made its mark on soccer fields and Carnival extravaganzas, but what it really leads the planet in are exuberance and passion for living.
Joshua Brown died in May when his Tesla sports car drove under a tractor-trailer that turned across his path on a Florida road, shearing away the car’s roof. Brown was letting the car drive itself and, tragically, neither he nor its cameras and sensors spotted the high, white trailer in sunlight.
I live in a house full of millennials, three of whom are having their first skirmishes with working life. Every day I study them, marvelling at how little their early experiences resemble my own. Sometimes I think it is because they are different. Sometimes because the world is different. I don’t know the right answer but at least I know the wrong one when I see it.
Apple’s flagship store in Wangfujing, a central shopping district in Beijing, is a? hive of activity. But, unfortunately for the iPhone maker, most people are not there to buy.?
Times Insider delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how news, features and opinion come together at The New York Times. In this piece, Didi Kirsten Tatlow, a Beijing-based Times correspondent, recounts a funny thing that happened on the way to her upcoming Sinosphere column on high heels.
British English may have come first, but around the world, the American way of spelling is now far more popular.
We’re in uncharted territory. That is what an aide working in UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s office told reporters after the results of a British referendum on European Union (EU) membership came out on June 24.
Finance bosses have agreed to hire more female executives -- or face cuts to their pay.
Olympic officials said Sunday that all Russian athletes were tainted by the country’s state-run doping system and would not be allowed to compete in the Rio Games unless they convinced individual sports federations of their innocence.
The EU has five years to carry out radical reform and return power to national governments or face disintegration, says the most prominent leader of Germany’s biggest rightwing party the anti-immigration and Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany.
Barack Obama took the unprecedented step of labelling Donald Trump unfit to hold the highest office in the US, calling on Republicans to withdraw support from their presidential candidate.
You may think your personal computer is fast if it can boot itself up within a few seconds. But that is nothing compared to China’s new supercomputing system, Sunway TaihuLight.
German company Kaffeeform combines dried coffee grounds and biopolymer to create stylish-looking coffee cups and saucers that are not only durable and dishwasher-safe, but even smell a bit like coffee.
为重获品牌声望 寇驰从北美商场大规模撤出2016-11-18
Coach is going First Class.