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Indonesia official said at least 43 people were killed when a tsunami struck several beaches around the Sunda Strait, the stretch of water that separates the islands of Java and Sumatra. The Disaster Mitigation Agency said nearly six hundred people were injured and others are still missing. Emergency services are yet to arrive in the affected area. Rebecca Henschke reports from Jakarta. We're getting clearer images now of those beach towns along the coast of West Java that face onto the Sunda Strait, images of crumbled buildings along the coast there. We've also seen images from last night of these wave rushing into hotels. We are also hearing about devastation on the other side Sumatra, Lampung with some areas officials say they haven't been able to contact. So they're warning that the death toll is very much likely to rise as they continue to get more information about what happened last night.

Emperor Akihito of Japan has broadcast his last birthday message before he steps down next April. The emperor who turned eighty-five on Sunday appeared to be overcome with emotion when he thanked the people of Japan and Empress Michiko for having supported him throughout his life on the throne. Now my journey as emperor is reaching the end. I am grateful for the many people in Japan who have accepted my status as a symbol and supported me. And I would like to also express my appreciation to the empress, who was a Japanese citizen who joined me in my life journey and for sixty long years has devoted herself to her role and the people of Japan with sincerity. The emperor said he was relieved that his reign was ending without Japan having again been engaged in a war. He expressed his hopes for the new era to start when Crown Prince Naruhito ascends the throne.

Tens of thousands of people have marched in the Serbian capital Belgrade for the third consecutive weekend to protest against what they say is the president's increasingly autocratic rule. The protesters say President Aleksandar Vucic has consolidated control over the courts and the media, which they say he uses to campaign against opponents.

There's been an impassioned debate in Italy's Upper House of Parliament over budget measures which were revised after objections from the European Commission. There were chaotic scenes in the Senate Chamber in Rome when opposition members demanded to see a draft text of the bill. Italy's anti-austerity coalition government has amended the document after the European Commission said it would breach the block's fiscal rules.

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