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Police in Britain are questioning a man and a woman who have been detained on suspicion of involvement in the illegal use of drones near Gatwick, the country's second biggest airport. Passengers are being warned of further disruption because of a backlog caused by the cancellation or diversion of about a thousand flights. Jenny Kumah is in Gatwick with the latest. They have made two arrests in connection with that criminal drone activity and they say that proactive investigations are still ongoing and they're asking the public to contact them if they have any further information. It's very busy here, lots of people making that Christmas getaway, but there are delays. The airport is hoping to run around seven hundred and fifty flights today. We know that already six have been cancelled and there are some delays on other services.

Two explosions in the Somali capital Mogadishu have killed at least a dozen people, including a prominent television journalist. Awil Dahir Salad was travelling in his car with other employees at the station Universal TV who were also killed. Mercy Juma reports from Nairobi. The first car bomb went off at a checkpoint near the presidential palace in Mogadishu. The second explosion took place just minutes after, covering huge parts of the capital in smoke. Police say politicians and other officials were near the site of the blasts. One of the injured is the deputy governor of Barnard region. Images circulating on social media show destroyed vehicles in debris littering the streets. Islam's terrorist group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the twin blasts which have shattered nearly a month of calm in Mogadishu. a town there is often the target of attacks by al-Shabaab.

A sixth consecutive Saturday of protests by the yellow vests movement is beginning in France. In Paris which has seen violence in recent weekends, some demonstrators gathered Montmartre and in the centre of the city. The anti-government protests started over planned rises on fuel taxes but also focus on wider living standards. This protester called on President Macron to deal with the high cost of living. The government doesn't want to help all its citizens get out of penury, help them live a dignified life, dignified, because the salaries, salaries must be salaries. You can't live on them, stop with your one hundred euros, two hundred euros. It's nothing. It's nothing. The cost of living is way up high. Bring it down so that France can succeed. A tenth person has died linked to the demonstrations after a driver crashed into the back of a lorry at a yellow vest roadblock near the southern city of Perpignan.

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