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World leaders are in Buenos Aires for a G20 summit already marked by tensions and disagreements, many of them caused by President Trump's combative stance on trade and climate change. Tensions have been further inflamed by Russia's military action against Ukraine. James Landale is at the summit. President Putin is likely to face tough questions over Russia seizure of Ukrainian vessels. President Trump said he wouldn't meet the Russian leader until the confrontation was resolved. And Mohammad bin Salman the Saudi Crown Prince is also in town looking to repair his reputation after the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. But for all these tensions, European leaders said it was important for the G20 to come together to tackle the world's problems.

Before the summit formally got underway, the United States, Canada and Mexico signed a new trade deal. This is seen as a victory for Mr. Trump who opposed the previous agreement. Andrew Walker reports. Many barriers to commerce between the US, Canada and Mexico were removed or reduced by the North American Free Trade Agreement, which came into force a quarter of a century ago. But President Trump called it the worst trade deal ever. Now, the three leaders have signed a replacement which keeps much of the original agreement. But it includes additional provisions that will, for example, make it more expensive for car makers to use parts from outside the region and will mean more opportunities for US dairy farmers to sell their milk products in Canada. It has been a contentious negotiation and there were reports that late disputes about the dairy issue might have held up the signing ceremony.

International Olympic Committee says it's freezing all planning for the boxing tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics because of concerns about the sport's governing body. It's launching an inquiry into the International Boxing Association AIBA over its governance, ethics and financial management. Our sports correspondent Alex Capstick reports. The IOC halted preparations for the Olympic boxing tournament in Tokyo, including the qualifying process following talks among the organization's leading officials in the Japanese capital. For several months, serious concerns have been expressed over the way the sport's governing body has been run. It came to a head earlier this month when Gafur Rahimov was elected as president of AIBA, despite allegations that he's part of an international criminal network, something he's always denied. But whatever is ultimately decided regarding the future of AIBA, the IOC still wants boxing to be part of the Tokyo Games.

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国际奥组委称正在冻结2020年东京奥运会的拳击比赛筹备工作,原因其管理机构存在问题。它正在对国际拳击AIBA的管理情况、道德和金融状况进行调查。以下是本台体育通讯员亚历克斯·卡普斯蒂克的报道。国际奥组委停止了东京奥运会拳击比赛的筹备工作,包括资格赛,此前奥组委主要官员在日本首都举行了会谈。几个月以来,国际奥组委一直都在担心该体育机构的运作方式。本月初,加弗尔·拉西莫夫成功当选 AIBA主席,事情也达到了非做不可的地步,拉西莫夫被指是国际犯罪网络成员,但他本人否认。无论AIBA的前景如何,国际奥组委仍然希望拳击项目出现在东京奥运会上。


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