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Brazil's president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has promised to govern in accordance with the Bible and defend freedom after his sweeping victory over his left-wing rival. Mr. Bolsonaro warned that there would be little tolerance of left-wing ideologies. But his defeated opponent Fernando Haddad told him not to ignore the 45% of the electorate who did not vote for him. Our America's editor Candace Piette has this report.

Jair Bolsonaro faces enormous challenges, not least is the unrealistic expectation of his supporters, that he is going to clean up politics and govern without using the country's traditional system of pork barrel politics. He is unlikely to be able to win support with his small party without striking alliances that will come with strings attached.Governing with only a small trusted group around him, including an evangelical priest, a military general, and his three sons, Mr. Bolsonaro has promised to slim down central government. He also have to tackle violent crime, a key campaign promise.

A Lion Air plane carrying 189 passengers and crew has crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from the Indonesian capital Jakarta. The flight was bound for the city of Pangkal Pinang east of Sumatra. Soerjanto, the head of the National Transportation Safety Committee says they were alerted at 6:50 a.m. local time.

We will use the equipment 'ping finder' because the black box emits a ping ping ping noise. There's also a sonar scanner and after that will send in divers to find the position of the black box and hopefully we can retrieve the black box and the flight wreckage.

The future of Germany's coalition government will come under scrutiny in Berlin today after a poor showing for both Angela Merkel's CDU and her partners, the Social Democrats in a regional election in Hessen on Sunday. Projection show both parties lost about ten percent of their support. Jenny Hill is in Berlin.

Angela Merkel is in for a depressing morning. Senior party officials will want an explanation for the poor result in Hessen which reflects dwindling support countrywide for the CDU. It's more ammunition for Mrs. Merkel's critics in the party who want to rid of her. But the Chancellor has a more pressing concern. Her coalition partner, the SPD is on its knees. It's in electoral freefall in the national polls, and a terrible performance in Hessen followed a drubbing in Bavaria just two weeks ago.

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我们将会使用‘ping finder’,因为黑匣子会发出ping ping ping的响声。我们还将用到一台声纳扫描器,之后我们将派潜水员寻找黑匣子的位置,希望我们能够找回黑匣子和飞机残骸。




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