Yemen's government backed by a Saudi-led coalition is fighting Houthi rebels aligned with Iran. The UN special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths had said he hopes to see the rival sides in the same room. We were not gonna waste time, and we are looking forward to getting our friends from out of here, and participating fully in the consultations. I know they want to do it. And I've spend lot of time talking to them and their leaders. I know they wanna be here. We gonna make sure they can come here and do that.

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India’s Supreme Court is expected to rule today on whether to throw out a ban on gay sex. Judges have been reexamining a Supreme Court ruling from 2013, in which a law dating from colonial times was upheld. The legislation known as Section 377 categorizes gay sex as an unnatural offense. Many activists’ side expected the Supreme Court to overrule its previous judgment.

Britain will brief the UN Security Council later on the arrest warrants it has issued for 2 Russian men suspected of having carried out a nerve agent attack in the English city of Salisbury. Golden Carara reports. British police sent intelligence to understand to identify the 2 individuals some time ago, and it’s thought may know their true names rather than just the identities on the valid Russian passports they used to enter the country, but with no sign of them traveling outside of Russia, the decision was taken to make detailed evidence public. The aim will be to use this to maintain pressure on Russia. There will also be attempts to increase the very least maintained European sanctions.

The German left wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht is launching a new broad left movement today. It's called Aufstehen, meaning stand up or arise. Mike Sanders has more details. Sahra Wagenknecht already has a political home. She is a leader of the party called the left in the German parliament. She's opening up a space for those in the center left social democrats who did not want their party to rebuild a coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats this year. She's hoping they will support from the green party. The movement might forge genuine left wing policies. Party leaders have given the idea of frosty reception, saying the movement is just as likely to exacerbate tensions As It Is to force the left wing cohesion.

One of the world’s top tennis players Roger Federer has been knocked out of the US open championships in New York. He was beaten in 4 sets by Australia's John Millman, a player ranked 55th in the world who has never won a top level tournament. Federer is a 5-time US open winner and was one of the favorites to take the title this time.



在沙特领导的某盟军支持下,也门政府正与跟伊朗结盟的胡塞叛军交战。联合国驻也门特使格里菲斯[Martin Griffiths]表示自己希望敌对的双方能共处一室。我们不会浪费世界,我们希望让各友方进行充分的协商。我知道他们也很想这样做。我花了很长时间跟他们和他们的领导谈。我知道他们很想来这里。我们会确保他们来这里共同协商。



不久后,英国将就逮捕证事宜向联合国安理会进行简要汇报,逮捕证是为2名俄罗斯人下发的,这2人涉嫌对索尔兹伯里进行神经毒剂攻击。请听戈尔登 卡拉拉[Golden Carara]发回的报道。一段时间以前,英国警方曾派情报人员调查了解这2名俄罗斯人。英国认为这样就能得知两人的真实姓名,而不仅仅是两人来到英国所使用的护照上的身份。但由于没有证据可以证明两人离开过俄罗斯,所以英国决定公布细节信息。这样做的目的是持续向俄罗斯施压,同时也是为了增加欧洲制裁俄罗斯的力度。

今天,德国左翼党莎拉 瓦根克内西特[Sahra Wagenknecht]发起了新一轮左派运动。该运动名为“起来”。请听迈克 桑德斯[Mike Sanders]发回的报道。莎拉 瓦根克内西特已经有自己的官邸了。她是德国内阁左翼党的一位领袖。她为中左势力的社会民主党打开了一扇大门,因为后者不想自己的党派今年再与总理安吉拉 默克尔保守的基督教民主[ [Angela Merkel]建立。她希望能够支持德国绿党。此次运动可能会形成真正的右翼政策。多位党派领袖并不是十分认可此次运动,他们觉得这次运动可能不但无法实现左派的团结,反而加剧了紧张局势。

世界顶级种子选手之一的罗杰 费德勒[Roger Federer]在纽约举行的美国网球公开赛中遭淘汰出局。他以1:3不敌澳大利亚选手约翰 米尔曼[John Millman]。米尔曼世界排名第55名,从未赢得过顶级锦标赛。费德勒曾5次获得美网公开赛冠军,也是本次比赛的热门人选之一。


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