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Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC news.

Intelligence officials in the United State say spy satellites have detected renewed activity at a North Korean factory which has in the past produced intercontinental ballistic missiles. The report comes just over a month after President Trump said North Korea no longer posed a threat. From Seoul, here's Laura Bicker. We've seen these satellite images and the BBC has spoken to one of the companies analyzing these. They say it appears to show vehicles moving in and out and activity at the site. Does this break the word that Kim Jong-un made to Donald Trump in Singapore? Kim Jong-un has always said that he would not test another missile. He's never said anything about stopping any building or activity with regards to building nuclear missiles. And indeed, this is a number now of US intelligence reports which suggest that North Korea is continuing with its weapons program.

Zimbabwe's opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has said his party is winning elections resoundingly and he's ready to form a next government. President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who took over after the ousting of Robert Mugabe, said he was receiving extremely positive information on the vote. Andrew Harding is in Harare. Election officials have only confirmed a high turnout here in Zimbabwe, but on social media the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and his supporters are already declaring victory. In contrast, ZANU-PF officials are insisting that early indications from polling stations around the country show their party is on track to retain power. Foreign observers said the voting process was peaceful and by and large orderly, but after years of rigged and disputed elections, there is now an anxious wait and a close focus on the counting process to ensure these results will be accepted by all sides.

Chinese investigators say a state-owned pharmaceutical company which produced substandard infant vaccines did so by accident. Celia Hatton has the details. In a brief report, China State Drug Administration blamed faulty equipment used at the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products in Central China and unevenly distributed ingredients in more than 400,000 vaccines made last November which were meant to protect against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough. And in other case involving substandard infant vaccines,eighteen people have been arrested at Changsheng Pharmaceutical, a private company in Eastern China. They were accused of falsifying data to bypass regulatory scrutiny.

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